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 These are the dogs we currently have up for adoption.


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Cary,  NC


English Setter
Bloodline: unknown
Gender: Male
Age/DOB: 2006???
Color: White/Black
Neutered: Yes
Registered: No
Microchipped: Unknown
Vetted: Nov 2013 - all updated
Hunted: No
Special Needs: n/a
Training: (see info below)
House/Potty Yes
Crate No
Leash Yes
Obedience Some, come, stay, leave it
Hunting No
Good with: (see info below)
Dogs Ok
Cats Ok
Kids Ok
Strangers Ok

Comments:  The adoptive family shall be responsible for all shipping costs associated with the relocation to the new home. This might include:

  • Gasoline
  • Air freight
  • Airline Kennel
  • Vet issued Health Certificate

*FDSB-Field Dog Stud Book registry
*HWT-Heartworm Test
*HWP-Heartworm Preventative


The dog belonged to the mother-in-law and she brought Ozzie with her when she came to live with the family during cancer treatments.  She passed away in late December 2013 and Ozzie has stayed with the family.  The family already has a large dog and can't keep Ozzie indefinitely so they want to find the "right" home for him for the rest of his life.

Owners Comments:

Ozzie is a snuggle bunny. He loves to be loved. He is hesitant when he is yelled at. He tries hard to behave but has setter tendencies. He would be an excellent loving pet to anyone who already knows how to handle the breed. He was raised by a woman and now that his "mom" has passed away he loves to be with me (his new mom). He loves my husband and responds well to him (he is the one that mostly walks Ozzie) but he searches for me when he cannot find me and loves to be with me. We are not sure if he is a purebred.


Ozzie has been an indoor dog  is completely house trained. Ozzie had a big yard to run in and did not go on a leash except when traveling. He is excellent on a leash when traveling. They have been working on leash training for walking since they got him. He is doing better every day. He is well behaved but tends to pull due to the excitement of getting out.


Ozzie gets along fine with other dogs and cats and when on a leash shows little interest in passing dogs, just walks at a steady pace without side tracking. He would be great for a jogger. He is not bothered by being petted and does not growl and has never bitten anyone. He grunts when he rolls over. That sounds like growling but it is just grunting. Sometimes he makes a growling type noise (not agressive but like he is being bothered) when my other dog lays down too close to him. He then just gets up and moves. But on the other hand Ozzie will go right up to my dog and lay down right next to her on her bed (like they share the bed). But if Ozzie is in the bed first and she comes over, he makes that sound like don't bother me. She just walks away.

Ozzie does not mind being home alone and behaves while people are gone. He has been to the groomer all his life and they say that he's very well behaved, cooperative and smart.  His most favorite thing is chasing birds and squirrels in the yard, but also loves car rides and is an excellent long distance traveler and traveled frequently with his owner.

He does not chew on anything other than his toys and does not destroy them. He does not dig holes in the yard, and he does not bark excessively. 

He was acquired from the pound as a 1 year old dog, so the owner thought he may have been abused early on. He does not like raised voices and is hesitant to obey in the presence of loud voices.


He was brought up to date on vaccinations in November 2013 has been on Heartworm Preventative (Parastar / monthly) and was last tested for heartworm in Nov 2013. No other medical conditions or allergies are known.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please contact us.

** If you are in need of finding your English Setter or Llewellin Setter a new home
or would like to inquire about adopting a setter that you see here,
please use the appropriate form below, fill it out,
and we will do what we can to get you connected.

Adoption Application Form

If you are interested in permanently adopting or fostering one of our rescue dogs, please fill out our Adoption Application.

If you are in need of rehoming your setter and would like to see your dog advertised here, please fill out our Rescue Dog Information form.

Owner Surrender Form

If you are going to relinquish all rights to your dog and surrender him/her into our custody, please print our Owner Surrender form, fill it out and mail it to us.

These are stories of Setters that have come through our Setter Rescue Network
and they are currently living in the homes of Setter Lovers!


June 2014:

Watson's family was able to locate a new home for him themselves shortly after we posted our ad on this page.  We wish Watson the best in his new home!


June 2014: Douglasville, GA => Kirkwood, IL

Lola was adopted by a wonderful family who had been fostering many Setters while looking for a gal just like her! They said she was a gift from God at the perfect time, just as one of their fosters went to a new permanent home. She will be living on a large acreage with a pond and will have the chance to hunt and do what she loves the most.

October 2013: Des Moines, IA => Dallas, TX

A wonderful couple from Dallas found Annie on our website and contacted us interested in adopting her.  I put them in touch with her owner and they drove up to meet her and take her home with them.  Another wonderfully success story!

click here to read her story

September 2012: Superior, WI => Virginia Beach, VA

Cephus, now called Hazel, was relocated to a new home in Virginia where she is doing very well and is fitting right in with her new family and Llewellin sibling named Willow. Thanks Jamie for caring enough about this setter to give her a foster home until she could be relocated!

click here to read his story

September 2012: Poplar Bluff, MO => Marble Rock, IA

Sir Loxley was adopted by a wonderful couple in Marble Rock IA in early September 2012. He should be very happy in his new forever home. YAY!

May 2012: Hiram, OH => Sheldon, IA

Molly was adopted by a family in Sheldon IA so she was relocated from Hiram OH. Her new family picked her up on their way through Ohio on their way home from a trip. Molly will have the opportunity to hunt and has a new Chocolate Lab doggy sister named Lady for a companion.

April 2012:  Fort Dodge, IA => Portland, OR

Dash was adopted by a couple in Portland OR and had a successful airline flight from Fort Dodge IA to his new home. The couple is very active, hiking, jogging, cycling, and they plan to include him on their outings so he will have plenty of exercise an attention. They were very excited to adopt Dash and couldn't wait to have him as part of the family.


April 2011: Smithburg, MD => Atlanta, GA

Chief was adopted by an airline pilot / flight instructor and his family near Atlanta GA so he was relocated from Smithsburg MD.  The two families met half way near the NC border to make the transfer. The latest reports are that Chief's original family was thrilled to find such a wonderful new home for him and they've heard he is doing well and being introduced to everyone in his new family.  Another Llew Rescue Success Story!


February 2011:  Honesdale, PA => New Market, MD

Frankie was adopted by a family that only lived hours away from where he was after finding him featured on our website. It's amazing how things work out. He is now living happily with with his new family and has another setter for a playmate.

February 2011:  Los Angeles, CA => Chico, CA

Colby was adopted by a wonderful man that has always had white/black Llewellin Setters. He fell in love with Colby at first sight and had to have him.  Colby was relocated from southern to northern California, so he was lucky he only had to travel within his state.  He now lives on a vast acreage with lots of room to run and goes for daily rides in a ATV around his huge yard.


November 2010: Shellsburg, IA => Stilwell, KS

James is an awfully LUCKY dog.  He hit the jackpot in finding his final and "furever" home.  He now lives with a retired couple near the Kansas City, KS area and he plays ball, goes on daily walks, and for truck rides frequently.  He is a wonderful companion and a complete blessing to these folks and since he's an only dog in their household he can steal all their attention. They fell in love with him even before they came to pick him up. It is truly a match made in heaven!!

September 2010: Fayetteville, AR => Juda, WI

Rugby successfully made the journey from Fayetteville Arkansas to Juda Wisconsin where he is now part of a Tri-Llew family! His new Llew sister is Hayden from our "H" litter and he will have a big brother Llew too named Spirit. So far the reports are good. He's been introduced to his new siblings and is getting along great.  His new family thinks he is a really good fit and they look forward to having Rugby as part of their active family.

July 2010:  Local Relocation

Pepper is now in a new furever home. Her owner placed her locally with a wonderful family where she will now get the exercise, love and attention she so rightly deserves!

July 2010: Oshkosh, WI => Marble Rock, IA

Lucy Lou Birddog also had no trouble in finding a wonderful new forever home rather quickly. She has been relocated from Oshkosh Wisconsin to Marble Rock Iowa. Her new owner called us the day they got her home to say how thrilled they are with her and that our description of her on this web page was very accurate. They also thanked us for creating the Setter Rescue Network, for all we do and for bringing such a magnificent dog into their lives.


June 2010: Local Relocation

Not long after we posted Hobbs' story on our website, his owner found him a wonderful new home locally in Wisconsin. Hobbs, a 1/2 Llewellin Setter and 1/2 Large Munsterlander dog, now lives with a young man who likes to hunt and owns lots of land for him to run.


May 2010: Atlanta, GA => Muscatine, IA

Buck was spoken for in less than 24 hours after his story was posted on this web page. He was placed in a "furever" home, relocating to Muscatine Iowa from Atlanta Georgia. His new family, which includes two young boys, states that in only a few short weeks he has become their "dream dog" and they can't imagine life without him. They now call him Jake.


March 2008: Illinois => Kentucky

Kachina was originally purchased as a puppy by a family that does not hunt, but wanted an active dog for outdoor activities. Kachina (our dog Bristol's full blooded sister) proved to be more than the family could handle so she was rehomed from Illinois into a furever setter loving family living in Kentucky. Katie, as she is now called, will have the opportunity to hunt and have another Llewellin family companion to play with.

Owner's found homes for these dogs:

click here for her story
KD - 12/2012






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